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Help your customers keep their homes and autos clean with your brand of customised chamois cloth. These home staples offer lint-free drying capabilities and are perfectly suitable for cleaning glass and other delicate surfaces.

A chamois towel is a proven promotional item that is reusable and will promote your brand again and again. No home or vehicle should be without a shammy towel. Help your customers to keep things clean with wholesale chamois towels. 

These cloths are super absorbent, machine washable and dry soft. Even with regular use, these cloths are designed to last for a long time. They can be used for polishing, cleaning up wet spills, pet grooming, dusting and more.

Those who clean often can benefit from shammy towels because they save money on paper towels and are much more effective than ordinary towels. In addition, they also don't take up much space and are readily accessible when needed. This is one promotional item that your customers are sure to love!